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A herd of deer at Stagison

Have you herd about our venison eco farm?

Here at Stagison, we take environmental concerns very seriously. The changing climate is something we all need to commit to fixing. It’s something we can all start to do in our daily lives - from wasting less food to buying goods with few (if any) air miles. This is why we are doing everything we can to be an eco farm.
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Red deer on a frosty winter morning.

Delicious Christmas Venison Gift Ideas

For those looking to buy a unique gift for Christmas, venison selection boxes are the perfect solution. With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get all your gifts sorted.
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A herd of sheep in a field in Scotland

Advantages of Raising or Hunting Your Own Meat

We’re very busy in the butchery at the moment, with many customers asking us to butcher their pigs, lambs and cattle ready to go in their freezers. It’s also hunting season here in Scotland, and hunters are ...
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Deer on the Stagison farm in Fife

A Great Year for Deer 

To make sure we get the best meat from our deer farm in Scotland, we make sure they are as happy and stress-free throughout their lives as we can make them.
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Venison meat steak with vegetables

5 Reasons to eat Venison

Venison is growing in popularity. What was once seen as an elite food has become accessible to all. Here on Downfield Farm, we produce and sell our own delicious venison meat.
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A Galloway cow with her calf in a field

Downfield Farm Goes Organic

Last month, we began to convert our Downfield Farm into an organic farm. So by 2021, Stagison meat will be organic. But why go organic in the first place?
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Downfield Farm Deer grazing

Diversifying into Deer Farming

Discover how Stagison Venison owners Jane and Robert Prentice have utilised their land on Downfield Farm to operate deer farming in Scotland.
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View of Downfield Farm in Fife at summertime

Scottish Venison: Why Buy Local?

The UK imports around a third of its venison produce from New Zealand and Europe. Is your venison meat local?
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Venison meat steak with vegetables

The Health Benefits of Venison

Venison, or deer meat, is lean, rich in flavour and low in calories. What other benefits does it offer?
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People in protective clothing in the deer processing facility at Stagison venison farm in Scotland

Family Venison Firm Spends Half Million on New Fife Facility

Stagison launched the new high quality, venison care and processing plant earlier this year along with a number of nutritional research programs on the benefits of deer farming and venison for consumption at Cupar in Fife.
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