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Perfect for steak roll or making venison olives

260g packs

*Vacuum packed and frozen immediately to seal in freshness. Store at or below -18C to keep frozen and defrost thoroughly before cooking.

*FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS, MINIMUM £50 – Why not bulk up with our freezer packs and other products.

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Buy your delicious venison minute steak online today…

If you are looking for high-end luxury meat and you enjoy venison minute steak, then read on. Our delicious minute steaks are £6.50 for  260g of quality venison meat. And you can place your order online with us today.

Our venison minute steaks are great in a whole array of venison recipes. You can explore our venison recipes section here. And did you know that venison meat is much lower in fat than beef or pork! So you can indulge yourself knowing you are not just enjoying delicious meat but opting for the healthy option too.

All of our venison meat is homegrown and home produced. We raise our stags in optimal conditions. Rolling green fields, fluffy straw beds and lots of TLC that creates happy stags. And we believe this produces happy meat. Furthermore, we slaughter and process our meat on our farm ourselves, adhering to the highest of standards. So you can rest assured you that you are buying a quality product from field to fork.

If you are are looking for where to buy venison minute steak or any venison meat online our shop has a lot on offer.  We supply a variety of meat boxes and cuts of meat which you can explore in our shop here. And if you want your own bespoke meat box made up, you can call us on 01337 830 237 or contact us here.  We look forward to hearing from you. Free delivery on all orders, minimum £50.


All our products are vacuum packed to seal in the freshness and delivered by overnight courier to your door in insulated boxes. And all items are suitable for freezing.

Allergens – Burgers contain gluten & SO2, Sausages contain gluten.

Furthermore, we also offer bespoke boxes that can be delivered to you too. To place an order please call us on 01337 830237 or email us here.

*Please state a safe place for delivery upon placing your order.