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Dry-cured here at Downfield Farm, we use salt and sugar to bring out all the flavour of our venison bacon. Each pack contains 6 rashers of this sizzling delicacy for £5. If you’ve never tried venison bacon before, we urge you to give it a go!

  • Minimum of 6 rashers

*Vacuum packed and frozen immediately to seal in freshness. Store at or below -18C to keep frozen and defrost thoroughly before cooking.

*FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS, MINIMUM £50 – Why not bulk up with our freezer packs and other products.

Our venison bacon

Venison bacon is not like other types of bacon. With that unique venison flavour, it offers a taste trip that will take your fry up or Venison breakfast bacon roll to the next level. Venison bacon is now available to buy from Downfield Farm. 

The best venison 

To make sure you, our customers, get the best venison, we make sure our deer are kept as happy and healthy as possible whilst on Downfield Farm. Here they can lollop around in the sun, graze green Scottish grass and enjoy the fresh air. By keeping the herd stress free throughout their happy lives, we can be sure their meat will be delicious. You can taste the difference in our bacon, which will delight everyone who takes a bite.

A farm you can trust

Our quality venison farm in Fife, Scotland offers a wide range of products. From family selection boxes to venison tenderloin, there’s something to suit everyone in the family. Our meat is perfect for everyday meals, as well as for that special dinner to really show that you care about food. 

Additional Information:

All our meat is delivered vacuum packed and chilled by courier direct to your door. We use insulated boxes so that the meat can go straight into your fridge or freezer.

If you love venison and would like to try other cuts of meat, then why not try our BBQ Selection Box? Free delivery on all orders, minimum £50.

To buy Scottish venison bacon or any other product to get that delicious venison taste, simply add them to your basket and checkout. You can contact us here or call us on 01337 830 237 if you have any queries. Our team is always here to help.

*Please state a safe place for delivery upon placing your order.