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Delicious as a special main course.

Approximate weight 250g  (£75.00pkg)

*Vacuum packed and frozen immediately to seal in freshness. Store at or below -18C to keep frozen and defrost thoroughly before cooking.

*FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS, MINIMUM £50 – Why not bulk up with our freezer packs and other products.*

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Venison Tenderloin

Venison tenderloin are one of the most delicious parts of a deer. They will elevate your dishes to a new level and impress everyone at the table! A good roast tenderloin will melt in your mouth and fill it with so many unbelievable flavours. 

One of the great things about venison is that it is a lot lower in fat than pork or beef. It’s a healthier meat in that respect, so you can indulge yourself that little bit more!

All the deer here at Downfield Farm are cared for with love and attention. As they receive the highest quality of care when they are with us, it means that their meat is also of the highest possible quality. Lovely straw beds and chin tickles are all part of life on our farm!

One of the best ways to cook deer tenderloin is wrapped in bacon and roasted in an oven. Add a garlic cream sauce and you’ll keep coming back for more. It truly is one of the tastiest cuts of a deer.

You can order your venison tenderloin from us online today. Remember that all orders need to be a minimum of £50, but our meat is suitable for home freezing. It’s a great chance to stock up on meat – some familiar, and some you might not have tried before. 

So, order your venison tenderloin luxury meat and a range of other meats from Downfield Farm today!



Additional Information:

All our products are vacuum packed to seal in the freshness and delivered by overnight courier to your door in insulated boxes. And all items are suitable for freezing.

*Please state a safe place for delivery upon placing your order.