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At Stagison we are developing an exciting range of products for you to buy. It is £50 minimum order. See what we have on offer at the moment below...



Your own Stagison Stag calf will be identified with an ear-tag for you.

Receive email updates on how your calf is doing

An estimated delivery month / quarter will be given depending on when the calf is born

Processed as required into a selection of cuts that can include mince, burgers & sausages.

When packed and ready you will receive a parcel(s) of the beautiful venison meat produced.


Deer for sale at Stagison…

Are you looking where to buy luxury venison meat? Here at Stagison we actually have the whole deer for sale! So you can buy your very own deer and we will rear, slaughter, process and deliver it right to your door. To keep you up to date, we will email you throughout the whole process. And your deer can have its own name added to its ear-tag. Plus we can send you photo’s of him/her if you wish.

Given that most of our deer are born in May, times can vary on delivery dependant on when you order. However, we will work closely with you to make sure it works from both sides, so just let us know your requirements.

Furthermore, you can have your deer delivered fresh or frozen. And of course, it will have been professionally butchered. To give you an idea of quantities, a whole deer will fill a small chest freezer. It is 30-40kg of boneless meat and will cook roughly 3 venison meals a week for 6 months!

Also, if you do not want to pay up front, we offer you the facility to spread the cost over 6 months via a standing order. If this is your preferred payment method, then you will need to call us to organise this as we cannot set this up on our website. Our number is 01337 830237.

We pride ourselves on our high standards and ethical practice. So we would love to share the journey on how we do this with you. We believe by experiencing the whole process, it will educate people on good practice and eliminate the bad.When it comes to animal welfare and hygienic slaughter processes, we are at the top of our game. You can see more of how we care here.

Additional Information:

All our products are vacuum packed to seal in the freshness and delivered by overnight courier to your door in insulated boxes. And all items are suitable for freezing.

Allergens: sausages contain gluten & burgers contain gluten and so2.

Delivery free to mainland Britain by overnight courier.

*Please state a safe place for delivery upon placing your order.