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At Stagison we are developing an exciting range of products for you to buy. It is £50 minimum order. See what we have on offer at the moment below...



£50 or £100 vouchers available to buy (select below).

Buy via our online shop and we will email you your voucher.

To use your voucher call us on 01337 830237 to place an order.

*All our products are vacuum packed to seal in the freshness and delivered by overnight courier to your door in insulated boxes. And all items are suitable for freezing.

*Please state a safe place for delivery upon placing your order.

*Vacuum packed and frozen immediately to seal in freshness. Store at or below -18C to keep frozen and defrost thoroughly before cooking.

*NOTE these vouchers cannot be used via our online shop. Call us on 01337 830237 to place your order and use the voucher.

Our Venison Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a special gift? Then why not treat someone to a venison gift voucher? There is a variety of delicious venison products to choose from, from hampers to burgers.

Simply select the £50 or £100 voucher and pay for your gift online. Then we will email you with your voucher which you can gift to someone special. All they need to do is call us on 01337 830237 to place an order to use their voucher. Also, we can help tailor the order to suit specific needs. Just ask and we will advise.

Why Downfield Farm venison?

All of our venison meat is homegrown. We pride ourselves in providing all our deer with the highest quality of life. We slaughter and process all our meat here on our farm and believe that happy deer make happy meat. Therefore we manage the whole process ourselves, from field to fork, on our farm in Fife, Scotland.

So why not treat someone today and let them experience our delicious and succulent venison meat! You can choose from a variety of venison meat boxes such as our Premium Selection Box or our Starter Venison Box. Alternatively, you tailor your own.  If you would like more information then you can call us on 01337 830237 or email us here.

A range of delicious products

So what can a voucher buy? How about some delicious Haunch Chunks, which are ideal for kebabs. Stock up on venison burgers and venison sausages for the freezer. And these venison Minute Steaks make for a very special meal. 

Whoever receives your voucher is sure to be able to make the most of a mouthwatering range of venison products. And you never know – you might get invited over to try some too!