Private Butchery

Bob & Jane Prentice, with deer at Downfield Farm

Private Butchery

Nice to Meat You

Here at Downfield Farm Abattoir, we are delighted to offer quality private butchery services.  Also, we pay top attention to detail and use every possible part of the animal to ensure you get the best value for money. So, there is less waste and impact on the environment. As such, if you’re looking for butchery services then look no further! We are custom meat cutters in Scotland and process cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, wild & farmed deer. All you need to let us know how you would like everything butchered and packed. And if you have your logo, we will try our best to put this on your label.  So whether the meat is for your own use or your farm shop we can meet all your needs!

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High Steaks

Hay Ewe

Here at Downfield Farm our family run business and our team of experts are no strangers to hard work. Being born and bred farmers we set up our Scottish abattoir and animal processing plant to raise the standards of Scottish meat. Interestingly, our journey began delivering a Field to Fork Scottish Venison experience. So we expanded and decided to offer private meat processing for a larger range of animals. And this is when we started to offer our popular private butchery service.

Also, we must point out is our custom meat processing plant is licensed by Food Standards Scotland, QMS Assured and BRCGS certificated. As such, our qualified team of butchers are passionate about quality meat and putting out a quality product for customers to eat themselves or sell. Furthermore, our license allows us to mincemeat, make burgers, sausages, and other meat preparations and we have a provisional license to cure meat.

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Cuts of butchered venison meat from Downfield Farm
Carcasses hanging in an abattoir

Downfield Butchery Services

Herding in a New Era

Here at our state of the art Scottish Abattoir and butchery facilities, we are fully licensed to butcher, mince, and package the following:

– Wild & Farmed Deer

– Cattle

– Sheep & Goats

– Pigs

And we are currently licensed to process from start to finish through our private abattoir the following animals:

– Farmed Deer

– Sheep & Goats

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Get in Touch

We’d Love to Hear From You

If you would like to know more then please do get in touch. Whether you would like to book your animals in or visit us for a tour, we’d be delighted to hear from, we would be delighted to hear from you.

You can call us on 01337 830237 or email us here.

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An old fashioned red telephone with antlers coming out of the hand piece

Deer Oh Deer

All our deer are lovingly raised, carefully nurtured and tenderly prepared.

A Cut Above

We believe that to get the best from our meat, we need to do what’s best for our deer.

Easy Meat

Our products are processed, cut, packaged and prepared just the way you like them.

What people are saying

“Impressed with  your set up”

‘From start to finish I have been impressed with your set up. Could you pass on my thanks to your guys who made dropping off my animals and picking up their produce so easy. I am also impressed with the butchery… it was what I asked for and very neatly done.’

Jonathan James

“Great Service All Round”

‘Just thought I would let you know how pleased we are with the meat packaging and labeling – its the first time we have used your butchery service and will certainly be using it again. Everyone very friendly and helpful – great service all round. thanks’

Graham Johnson

“Thank you for the first class service”

‘I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the first class service we have received. You have been very professional and flexible with our needs’

M. Wallace

“Great Service”

‘Thank you for great service as usual. The butchering and labelling look really good and I am delighted with my taste test -I had noisette for supper tonight!!. Please thank everyone concerned from off loading to delivery of the final product.’

F. Hipwell

“First Class”

‘Thank you for the service you provided us. From the first communication to meeting Bob at the farm when I delivered the sheep and collection at the rendezvous in Forfar, it was first class.’

I. Carnegie


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We believe that the venison from Downfield Farm is the best in the country. By giving our deer the best lives possible, and slaughtering them in the most humane and stress-free environment we can create, we ensure that their meat is delicious. But why on Earth would you just take our word for it?! There are loads of Stagison reviews to confirm what we already know.
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Here at Stagison, we take environmental concerns very seriously. The changing climate is something we all need to commit to fixing. It’s something we can all start to do in our daily lives – from wasting less food to buying goods with few (if any) air miles. This is why we are doing everything we can to be an eco farm.
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Try A Venison Steak Pie This Hogmanay

Who has heard of having a venison steak pie at Hogmanay? A Scottish Hogmanay can be one of a few things. Some take to the streets and party with wild abandon waiting for the bells. Others enjoy smaller gatherings in the homes of friends and family, watching Jackie Bird dance to Phil & Aly on the telly. Some, of course, head to bed at 9pm and wake up when all the chaos is over with for another year. 
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