5 reasons you should be eating high-welfare organic beef from Downfield Farm

Farmed meat can be bought at alarmingly low prices. This is great for the bank account, but consider the old phrase, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. Why is the meat so cheap? What corners need to be cut to drive the price down, and how can that affect our own quality of life? Is it more economical in the long run to buy better welfare meat? Buying organic beef from Downfield Farm means you are assured that you and your family will be eating meat of the highest standard.

So here are 5 reasons why you should buy and eat high-welfare organic beef from Downfield Farm.

Galloway cows in a field of green grass

1. You can be sure you are eating high-quality organic meat

Did you know that we have become an organic farm? We’ve worked tirelessly for three years to transition into a Scottish organic farm. This means we haven’t used any artificial fertilisers or pesticides here at Downfield. Additionally, we manage our land in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way as possible. We take good care of our animals to make sure you get the best quality meat from our organic beef farm in Fife.

2. Local abattoirs

The stresses that animals undergo when they are travelling to abattoirs can be immense. Although travelling to an abattoir is a part of farming that can be upsetting, it is also necessary. So making sure our animals have as stress-free an experience as possible is top of our agenda. That’s why we only send our cattle away only when they are ready, and they travel as short a distance as possible to either Shotts or Perth for slaughter.

3. Our animals have happy lives

Our cows get to live their lives outside in fresh Scottish air. They can roam freely, eating grass and chilling out whenever they like. This keeps them happy and relaxed. Happy lives mean better meat as they grow at their own pace and enjoy the Scottish sunshine. Grass-fed beef tastes amazing too!

Selection of meats at Ceres butchers

4. Organic meat is ethical meat

We don’t feed our animals anything that isn’t organic. We work in tandem with the seasons to grow food for our animals to last throughout winter. Our herds are taken good care of every day. Animal welfare on Downfield is of paramount importance. As we are organic, we don’t use nasty chemical pesticides. As a result, Downfield Farm is a haven for wildlife, from butterflies to badgers. And we love it!

5. Buying local makes you feel good!

Would you rather support large multi-national farming companies who put profit first? Or would you prefer to support local businesses (like us) who are proud to be Scottish farmers and aim to produce the best possible tasting meat? Well, we hope you go for the second option. We really do believe that by buying local meat that has been cared for every step of the way, you are making a difference to your diet and local community. High-quality meat that hasn’t been near pesticides is healthier than the alternative. And by shopping at our online store or visiting our own local butchers in Fife, you are keeping the local economy flowing. That’s got to make you feel good, right?

We hope that this has convinced you to buy our organic beef and other meat from Downfield Farm. If it’s high-quality and high-welfare meat you are looking for, then you can find this on our store.