Summer on Downfield Farm

Summer On The Farm

As summer draws to a close this year, we wanted to give you an update on what has been happening on the farm. So, here’s the latest from Downfield Farm, home of Stagison.

Organic Farming

At the beginning of summer, we announced that our farm is going organic. The transition will take two years and we are have already started the process, working closely with Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA). Downfield Farm has always striven to be ethical and sustainable in our farming, and so we are looking forward to completing this process by 2021.

Harvesting the crops

Producing Silage

This summer has been warm and wet, which has been great for our grass. Good grass growth is very important on Downfield Farm as we use grass to produce organic silage (a fermented, high-moisture animal feed) for our livestock. Producing silage is always a priority in the summer months. We have already processed the first cut and it is now maturing in the silage pit. The second cut is growing well and full of rich red clover. So, we are ready to bring it in from the field for processing soon. We’ve also made round bale hay, which is there to supplement the grass before winter and feed any inside.

Preparing for Harvest 

As summer ends and autumn approaches, it’s time to prepare for harvest on the farm. This is when we gather the ripe crops from the fields and it marks the end of the growing season. We recently had all the family rogueing for wild oats, where we enjoyed spotting all the different butterflies and insects!

Butterfly on the farm crops in summer

Further Updates 

We have been very busy in the butchery too, but we have more updates for you on that coming soon. So, keep an eye on our blog for further news from Downfield Farm and Stagison.

We hope you’ve all had a great summer, as we have here on the farm!