Steps to becoming an organic farm in Scotland

This year, we officially became an organic farm, after completing a 2-year transition period. This was an exciting moment for us, as we want to be the most ethical and sustainable farm possible. Every step of production must pass inspection before a farm can receive an organic certification. The process may take a while, but we believe it’s well worth it. We are so proud of our achievement and would certainly recommend going organic to others. So today, we wanted to share the you the basic steps required to becoming an organic farm in Scotland.

Do your research

Becoming an organic farm is a big commitment, so you need to examine the process fully before initiating it. The Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA) can help you prepare and answer any questions you may have.

Also research the funding options available. Financial help to convert your farm to organic is available through the Scottish Government. Learn more about grants and support for organic farming.

Two people on a farm, examining the facts and figures

Register with an organic control body

Very importantly, to become an organic food producer, processer, importer or seller, you must apply for inspection and certification with one of these approved organic control bodies. There is an application fee, and you will need to include a farm conversion plan with your application (SOPA can help with this).

Complete the transition period

You will then need to go through a period of transition, where you will review every step of production, ensuring all is fully organic. It will probably take around 2 years to complete this, although the time can vary depending on your situation.

Inspection and certification

Finally, the control body will conduct an inspection and if you pass, you’ll receive organic certification. An inspector will visit annually after this, and you may also receive further random checks. Read more about organic produce tests and inspections.

After certification

Only now, after certification, are you legally allowed to label and sell your products as organic.

Farm produced labelled as Organic

Find out more

If you’re interested in becoming an organic farm in Scotland, you can find out more from the UK Government and SOPA. You can also read about our transition period and journey into organic farming on our blog. Good luck!