Stagison reviews

We believe that the venison from Downfield Farm is the best in the country. By giving our deer the best lives possible, and slaughtering them in the most humane and stress-free environment we can create, we ensure that their meat is delicious. But why on Earth would you just take our word for it?! There are loads of Stagison reviews to confirm what we already know.

We’ve been doing this long enough to have built up quite the following on Stagison fans. We’re just not sure what to call them though. Stagisonians? Stagfans? Staggerers? Well, maybe you can help us out on Facebook. In the meantime, we’ve put together a few of our favourite reviews and comments on our meat from those who have come over to the deer side and love their venison.

Google reviews

Google is often the first port of call for new customers, and we’re delighted that many of our fans have left reviews for us there. We especially like this one, as it highlights the kindness and respect each and every animal on Downfield Farm receives:Google Reviews review of Stagison

Social media mentions

We’re active on social media, and we love seeing how delighted people are when they finally eat our venison. Native Breeds, for example, particularly like their venison burgers:

And it’s always nice to see some tasty meatballs made with our venison:

If you’re looking for a reliable butcher shop that sells the highest quality venison and other meat products, then our shop in Ceres, Fife should be just the ticket:

So with all these Stagison reviews loving our meat, isn’t it about time you tried some venison? It’s a delicious, healthy meat that you can buy from us at our butcher shop or on our online store. Find out more about how we got started and our ethos on Downfield farm on our blog.