Advantages of raising or hunting your own meat

We’re very busy in the butchery at the moment, with many customers asking us to butcher their pigs, lambs and cattle ready to go in their freezers. It’s also hunting season here in Scotland, and hunters are coming to us with deer meat to be made into steak, sausages and burgers. So today, we’re taking a look at some of the advantages of raising and hunting your own meat.

More Humane

Many people like to raise their own livestock for food, so they can ensure the meat they eat comes from animals that have been well fed and cared for. And when the time comes, they can take them to our private butchery, where they know they will be treated humanely. Hunters know exactly where their meat comes from too, and that the animals have lived wild and free.

Black Galloway Cow and CalfMore Sustainable

Raising or hunting your own meat is far more sustainable than buying from the supermarket. Avoiding intensively-farmed meat from large-scale suppliers means lower food miles, full traceability, less waste and good animal welfare. That’s why we’re committed to producing sustainable, high-quality meat on our family farm. As well as supporting other local producers with our abattoir and butchery services.

Scottish Venison Steak Medium Cooked


Eating hunted or home-grown meat can be very cost-effective. When you take your produce to our butchery, we’ll ensure minimum wastage. Using every part of the animal possible and offering you the best value for money. So, you can fill your freezer with different cuts of meat and use them over a longer period.


Local and sustainable meat is not only better for the environment, it’s better for us too. Good quality, non-processed meat, without additives and raised on a natural diet, is healthier and more nutritious. Keeping food miles low reduces stress on the animals too, which again, produces better and tastier meat.

Get in Touch

Have you thought of raising or hunting your own meat here in Scotland? Have a chat with us and see if we can help you. With Brexit looming this month, we believe eating good home-produced food is the best way to protect supply.