The perfect summer BBQ

The summer BBQ season is fast approaching. So today on the blog, we’re sharing some tips and tricks, to help your BBQ go without a hitch.

Tools of the trade

Get ready by making sure your BBQ is clean and ready for action, with enough gas or charcoal, and something to light it with. We like to use a charcoal BBQ, as it adds a unique depth of flavour to the meat. However, a gas BBQ is certainly easier to light and control, so this comes down to personal choice. You’ll also need to gather your essential utensils, such as spatula, tongs, forks and knives.

Utensils for a BBQ laid out on a wooden surface

Good quality meat

Good quality meat is a must! Luckily, here at Downfield Farm we have just what you need. So, visit our online shop and order your venison today. We offer range of meat boxes, including sausages, burgers and steaks. All high in quality, sustainably farmed and perfect for a summer BBQ. Locals in Fife can also pop down to our Ceres Butchers in Cupar for a choice of fresh beef, lamb, pork and more.

Marinate in advance

Season your steaks and fillets well before cooking. If you plan to marinate them, do so a day in advance and leave them overnight in the fridge to allow the flavours to really soak in. Marinade helps to keep meat moist and tender on the BBQ, while giving some extra flavour. You could apply an oil marinade using a herb brush, for added taste.

Fresh rosemary and thyme garden herbs

Preparation is key

Fully defrost any frozen meat in the fridge first. Then take it out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking, to give it time to reach room temperature. Fire up the barbie, and then get as much ready as you can while it’s is heating up. This includes plates and cutlery, napkins, sides and condiments.

BBQ time

Now comes the fun part! If you’re using a charcoal BBQ, wait until the initial flames have started to die down, before placing the meat on the grill. Control the heat, so you have areas of different temperatures on the BBQ. That way, you can flame grill directly on a high heat to get that charred, smoky flavour, but then move it into a cooler area to continue cooking without burning. You can do this by putting all the charcoal to one side.

Selection of meats cooking on a BBQ

Test and rest

We recommend using a meat thermometer to test the temperature of all meats before serving. Consult a meat temperature guide to make sure your items have reached the minimum temperature for food safety. Check the temperature regularly to ensure you don’t over-cook it either. Once the meat is done, it’s important to let it rest. This allows the fibres to relax and reabsorb lost moisture. You can do this by loosely wrapping it in foil and leaving it for a few minutes.

And enjoy!

Now it’s time to get stuck in. Enjoy your delicious BBQ with friends and family. It’s the perfect way to spend a summer’s evening!