The benefits of organic farming on fish and rivers

Seeking out and buying produce from organic farms is something millions of customers do each day. It has become a way of life, as people realise that it is a healthier way to eat fruit, vegetables and meat. After all, if we aren’t using artificial chemicals on our produce, you aren’t putting them in your body either. That’s a good thing. There are also other benefits to organic farming which might not be immediately obvious. For example, did you know that organic farming helps fish?

healthy fish swimming in a river

The problem with pesticides and fertilisers

Think of the millions of litres of artificial fertiliser and pesticides that are sprayed on crops in the UK each year. Many of them have just one specific aim. This could be to kill a pest or increase nitrogen in the soil. A lot of these need to be absorbed by the plants to work. But what of the extra that seep into the ground? Where does that go?

Unfortunately, sooner or later they end up in the water table or get flushed out into rivers, streams and canals. They will eventually end up in the sea. These chemicals are causing major problems for life in our waters.

A recent study by Food Security stated that “In recent decades, a higher proportion of pollution has come from agricultural sources than the first two-thirds of the twentieth century.”  The main chemical pollutants that arise from agriculture are organic compounds. These include pesticides such as herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. They have a complicated effect on rivers and the life within them. Sometimes even the chemicals they further degrade down into can be very harmful to aquatic life. 

A healthy fish in a river

Is organic farming really better for the environment?

Organic farms in Scotland don’t use chemical pesticides or fertilisers.  Instead we work in harmony with the environment and actually create a place for wildlife to thrive. By ensuring we only use natural products, we can be sure that no harmful chemicals are pouring into our nearby water sources. 

So yes, organic farming is better for the environment and the area around us. The benefits of organic farming are still being researched, and we are delighted to be a part of this culture. So if you’d like to help us continue on our organic journey and taste some of the benefits, then head over to our online shop and taste some of the delicious venison we rear on the farm in a healthy, happy environment!