Organic animal husbandry at Downfield Farm

Animal husbandry (the science of breeding, raising and caring for livestock) is an integral part of what we do here at Downfield Farm. And as an organic farm, we put animal welfare at the forefront of our aims and objectives. Keeping our animals healthy and happy, giving them natural food, creating quality housing with plenty of outdoor space. These are all ways that we can look after our livestock. Promoting sustainability and resilience in the farming industry.

A Galloway cow with her calf in a field

What is organic animal husbandry?

This is the practise of breeding, feeding and housing animals in an ethical and sustainable way. For a farm to be certified organic, it must pass certain standards, which improve health and reduce stress for animals. This includes allowing them to express natural behaviours, giving them enough light and space, both indoor and outdoor, and feeding them on a natural diet. It also means not routinely giving them preventative antibiotics. They should only be treated with medicines if they are unwell.

Our animal welfare standards

We maintain the highest standards of animal welfare at Downfield Farm. We treat all our livestock with care and respect. They are genuinely free-range, with plenty of outdoor space to move around and graze. We raise our animals on a natural, nutritious grass-based diet, and we don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilisers. We have an abattoir here on site, meaning no need for transportation, and we follow a humane slaughtering process.

A herd of sheep in a field in Scotland

Producing better meat

Not only is organic farming better for animal welfare, it also produces better meat. Organic livestock is raised on a more natural and nutritious diet. So the meat contains more omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which is good for you. It also tastes and smells richer and more flavoursome.

Ethical, sustainable farming

Downfield Farm supports ethical and sustainable farming, which is why organic animal husbandry is so important. It’s better for our animals, our farm, our customers and clients, and the planet as a whole.

Find out more about organic farming and animal welfare from the Soil Association, a charity which works towards positive change in the farming industry.