Try a venison steak pie this Hogmanay

New Year’s Day Dinner with a Difference

A steak pie ready to serve

Who has heard of having a venison steak pie at Hogmanay? A Scottish Hogmanay can be one of a few things. Some take to the streets and party with wild abandon waiting for the bells. Others enjoy smaller gatherings in the homes of friends and family, watching Jackie Bird dance to Phil & Aly on the telly. Some, of course, head to bed at 9pm and wake up when all the chaos is over with for another year. 

Something we can all agree on, however, is that come January 1st, if there’s not a steak pie on the table, then there will be trouble. 

Having a steak pie on the first day of the new year in Scotland dates back hundreds of years, to before the day was observed as a holiday. A pie is a great way to easily feed a family with minimal effort (although trimmings are always welcome!). 

Traditionally, it is beef steak that is used in these pies. But traditions are boring. Why not mix it up this year with a delicious venison steak pie?

Venison Steak Pie from Stagison

So, first thing’s first. We sell a mean steak and gravy pie at our butcher shop in Ceres, Fife. Delicious meat, tasty gravy and crunchy pastry makes it a mouthwatering meal. If you want one for New Year’s Day, it’s best to contact us in advance to check availability. Call us on 01334 828 229, and follow Ceres Butchers on Facebook for other types of venison meat for sale.  

But perhaps you are up for a challenge and want to make your own venison Hogmanay steak pie? The sort of pie that gives you bragging rights for the whole year. The sort of pie that means you don’t have to do the washing up for a week. And definitely the sort of pie that has the family scraping the bottom of the tin for every last morsel. 

Succulent haunch venison steak sitting in a bed of ferns

Venison Steak Pie Recipes

Venison is a fantastic meat to bake in a pie. It’s delicious and tender, and melts in the mouth. You could keep your pie simple with just meat and gravy. You could even push the boat out by adding some veg, like mushrooms, carrots and onions. This venison haunch recipe from Jamie Oliver is a winner, and he even suggests putting your pastry on the bottom of the baking tin too. You can never have too much pastry, and that’s a fact. He calls for venison leg meat, and you can buy this on our website. We call it venison haunch, and it will be brilliant in a pie. 

Other recipe options include this one from Sainsbury’s which is quite fancy and calls for porcini and red wine, or this one from Waitrose which also sounds very tasty. Whichever venison steak pie recipe you decide to follow, make sure you use our locally reared and butchered venison to really make the dish stand out this Hogmanay!