Have you herd about our venison eco farm?

A herd of deer at the eco farm Stagison

Here at Stagison, we take environmental concerns very seriously. The changing climate is something we all need to commit to fixing. It’s something we can all start to do in our daily lives – from wasting less food to buying goods with few (if any) air miles. This is why we are doing everything we can to be an eco farm.

We’re committed to making our environmental impact as minimal as possible. You can be sure that when you buy our meat you are getting local Scottish venison which has been ethically sourced. It’s also exceptionally tasty – and we believe how we raise our animals plays a major part in that. 

How we raise our deer

We believe that by giving our deer a happy, healthy life, they will produce great tasting meat. It’s a simple nature of farming that we raise animals for slaughter. By giving them plenty of freedom, room to run about and just be happy deer we can make sure they have the best possible life before then. 

One of our main changes to how we run our deer farm in Scotland was to build our very own on-site abattoir. Our £500,000 high quality, venison care and processing plant in Fife means we don’t have to rack up miles and miles of travel to get to an abattoir. A reduction in lorry use is great for the environment, as there is less pollution. It also means our deer are far less stressed at the end of their lives. 

A happy deer herd in a clean environment

We’re also taking steps to become an organic farm. By not using any chemical fertilisers or pesticides on our crops we can stop dangerous chemicals from getting into nearby rivers and streams. Instead, we use farmyard manure to grow healthy crops. 

Buy local

One of the best things we can all do to help the environment is to buy locally. So much of our food is transported thousands of miles from abroad. A lot of this is unnecessary. Around 33% of all venison products are imported from New Zealand and Europe. By buying farm raised venison from us, you can be sure of exactly where your meat has come from. You will also know how it was processed and confident that it has barely any food miles. 

If you would like to buy venison locally from our eco farm, visit our online shop. Or if you are visiting Fife then pop into our butcher shop in Ceres for great service and delicious meat!