Delicious Christmas venison gift ideas

For those looking to buy a unique gift for Christmas, venison selection boxes are the perfect solution. With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get all your gifts sorted. But are you fed up giving the same old presents year after year? Does Dad really need a new collection of shirts? And does Mum really care what perfume she needs to find space for on her drawers this year?

Instead, buy your nearest and dearest a gift that will continue to give happy memories long after the big day. A selection of choice venison cuts will make breakfasts, lunches and dinners an absolute joy for days to come. Perhaps even longer if you have freezer space!

Choose from a range of great selections. All of our deer has been raised and slaughtered here on our farm, making our deer meat some of the freshest there is.

Venison Selection Boxes

Our Christmas selection boxes are a bit different from the ones you might be used to!

Choose from our BBQ, Premium or Family selection boxes to make sure you get the perfect cuts for you.

Planning some outdoor or grill cooking? The pack of Haunch Chunks in our BBQ selection are ideal for kebabs. To experience our top-of-the-range venison offerings, our Premium selection includes two mouthwatering venison fillets. Or if you want to share with the whole squad, our Family selection includes plenty of venison mince to go around. 

If you aren’t sure which to buy – no problem! We offer a range of Christmas gift vouchers from £50 – £100, so they can choose what they want themselves. 

Raise Your Own Stag

If you are looking for something unique and unforgettable to give as a Christmas gift, we’ve got the answer – raise your own stag. This is a perfect gift for the meat-eater in your life who has it all and is impossible to buy for. Your stag will be given an ear tag for you, and you will also receive regular updates as to how he is getting on. Ultimately, you will receive a beautiful parcel of meat, including (but not limited to!) mince, burgers & sausages. 

Healthy Meat from Happy Deer

Venison is one of the most nutritious red meats you can eat. It is very low in fat, a great source of protein and is a great source of iron too. It’s also low in sodium, meaning it’s much better for your heart than other red meats. 

Additionally, all the deer raised here on Downfield Farm are treated with the utmost respect and have happy, healthy lives with us. Every deer is slaughtered humanely here on the farm. This also means no road travel, so everything is done with as small a carbon footprint as possible. Our Scottish venison is one of the most environmentally friendly options when it comes to buying meat. 

Since mid-2019, we’ve been turning our deer farm in Scotland organic. The process will take a couple of years, but it means that all our systems and processes are geared towards attaining this goal. By 2021, working with the Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA), we hope that all deer meat reared here will be organic. 

Buy Your Christmas Venison Gifts Today

It’s easy to get your Christmas to-do list ticked off by visiting our online store. Selection boxes, gift vouchers and everything else is available to buy now. If you have any problems, or would like to ask a question about our Christmas venison selection, please get in touch. We’d be happy to help you out.