Have you visited our butcher’s shop in Fife?

Did you know that we have a butcher’s shop where you can discover our full range of venison products, as well as much more? If you would like to understand our produce and learn a bit more about how to cook each cut to perfection, then visiting our butchers in Fife is a great idea. We are open to the public and keen to show off our delicious meat products. So whether you are looking for a square sausage for breakfast or hoping to explore our fine venison cuts for dinner, you are sure to find something to take your fancy here. 

Why visit our butchers in Fife?

Counters and butcher inside the Ceres butchers

We offer a wide range of our delicious meat products on our online store. This is great when you know what you want, but what if you’d like to try something new? What if you aren’t sure what you want and like to find out about more options? Or how to cook a new cut of meat? That’s where our very own butcher’s shop comes into its own. 

Situated in Ceres, Cupar, our shop is run by experienced butchers. Each one can advise you on the right cuts of meat to make a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are prepping for a summer barbecue, they can advise what will cook best and how to cook it. They can also tell you how much you might need. Our shop manager has over a decade of experience in advising and selling delicious meat. His staff are also extremely knowledgeable and can help with any questions you might have. 

Why eat our meat?

We try to ensure we offer as much meat as possible from Downfield Farm is available at our Ceres butcher shop. This means you get a taste of our own little slice of life in Fife! 

We are delighted to be an organic farm in Scotland. We took two years to transition to organic, and haven’t looked back. Our aim is to be an environmentally friendly farm and this is one step we are taking to do just that. Organic meat is better for you too, containing healthier fats and more beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids.

Visit us in Fife for pork, beef and lamb products, as well as our unique venison produce of course. 

Downfield Farm abattoir services

Meat hanging in freezer to cure

Our services to the public don’t stop there. Perhaps you have a smallholding and keep livestock? If so, then finding a reliable abattoir in Scotland will be a top priority. At Downfield Farm, we have an abattoir in Scotland that is perfect for those looking for butchery services. We make sure as much of the animal as possible can be used by you. 

Our custom meat processing plant is licensed by Food Standards Scotland and is QMS Assured and BRCGS certificated. This means you know you are getting a professional and high-quality service. So if you are looking for somewhere to process your cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, wild & farmed deer then get in touch with us.

Here for you

If you have any questions about our butchers in Fife, our abattoir services or how we rear our animals at Downfield Farm, please get in touch. we’re always happy to hear from our customers, and keen to encourage new ones to try venison!