A great year for deer 

Enjoying the last of the summer grass

You will probably already know how much we take care of our deer here at Stagison. It’s fair to say they are pampered and looked after. We believe that a happy deer which has lived its best life results in fantastic cuts of Scottish venison for our customers. 

To make sure we get the best meat from our deer farm in Scotland, we make sure they are as happy and stress-free throughout their lives as we can make them. However, it’s not all in our hands, as sometimes the weather can take its toll on our herd. Luckily, 2019 has proven to be a fantastic year for us, and our deer have had a great summer!

Summer grazin’ had me a blast

The summer of 2019 was both warm and wet, which meant excellent grass growth. Keeping bellies full and happy over summer means content deer and excellent meat. We are now ready to bring another batch in from the field in preparation for processing in the next few weeks.  

As we mentioned in our last post, our silage creation has continued to go well. Our second cut has large amounts of red clover, which provides our deer with good levels of nutrition and energy. This is really important on a Scottish deer farm, especially over the cold winter months here in Fife, as it helps keep our deer healthy.  

So as you can see, a good summer doesn’t just keep out deer happy in the warmer months, but keeps them content and energised during the winter months too. 

Fields at Stagison venison farmDelicious Scottish venison on your plate

The best way to understand how good weather affects our Scottish venison is to try it for yourself. Why not buy venison online at our shop? Or you could visit one of our local stockists in Scotland to order some beautiful venison form us. You can also visit us and buy from our own butcher shop in Fife – get in touch with us here.